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Originally Posted by Proudmama2maet View Post
Hello everyone! I am on Day 17 of the IP Diet... so far it's going okay. I would love to hear about others experiences who have around 20 or 30 pounds to lose as I was hoping to lose more than I have to date but perhaps my expectations are out of whack. The clinic said that I would lose between 3 to 5 pounds per week but so far it's only been 2.8 and 1.2 pounds...which is still okay but I am wondering if I should just be anticipating smaller losses.

Also, I read that we can have sugar free gum but I'm wondering if that includes gum that has aspartame or do I have to look for a sucralose gum somewhere. I would love to use gum to help me through some of my cravings.

Thanks everyone.
Your clinic is lying.
IP adjusted the number a couple years ago to more accurately reflect WL. I believe it is currently 2-4 AVERAGE. And your average is right at 2 so far. Higher numbers are typically for men or those with more to lose.

But since you are starting at a smaller number, yes, I'd expect smaller losses. And stay away from aspartame! All the time. Not just OP. It isn't good for us. I think a lot of folks find xylitol sweetened gum at whole food or health food stores

Congrats on your progress!
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