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Default Saturday night

Hi Coaches

Last night was a bit of a disaster - I decided I would have a pizza and get it out of my system as it were (I know, I know) because I had had a big day and I came home and did a lot of the chores so I would be organised etc etc. As luck would have it the pizza place I used to use wasn't open last night! I think it has gone out of business since I stopped ordering there I was totally flummoxed and ordered from somewhere else and it WASN'T a better choice. I do think it is out of my system - today I have been cleaning out the fridge and working out what to do with all the food I have to make meals for the week so as not to not waste food. I now have a list on the fridge of meals I can make and lunches that can be made from what is there. Each night I will add another list of what I will eat the next day. I will be pleased when soup and stew weather comes - makes it all a bit more straightforward

I have made a nice within plan dinner tonight and I decided I needed to make something I enjoyed (I listened to the Diet Fix clip thanks onebyone) so I made a baked apple - haven't had one for years and it will be a healthy sugar free treat. I decided to spend time trying to work out what the important elements of on-plan for me were so that I can then report them daily. I will drop some off as they improve

Ate on plan today - 100%
Planned food for tomorrow - almost
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed in and logged weight - up 1.8 pounds
I did planned exercises - yes
I didn't eat standing up - 90%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
I changed my schedule to allow time for diet and exercise - yes

I think they are the main ones for me at the moment

BillBE - smart choices at lunch. Once a month I have a Ruben at a farmers market. Well I share a Ruben with a friend because it is huge - and it is bread - but it is delicious and worth waiting a month for. Credit for planned exercise

6crowsgold - Huge credit for being on plan and for recording food - hope your long weekend turns out well

Gardenerjoy - sorry for stomach issues and allergies

flnu - sensible to recognise that each day's exercise is different. YAY for down 3.5 pounds!! Ouch for taking that as an OK to eat! Fingers crossed for continuing reducing weight. Yes - it is nice to see people make it and manage to maintain isn't it [yes it is the xame motivation app that CeeJay and Onebyone are using - I like it. It seems to be increasing my motivation to clean and get organised at the moment but I am sure that will affect being on plan soon ]

Debbie - congrats on the DGS - a new phase I imagine

Maryann - salads and smoothies - sounds good to me. I just ordered a magic bullet type thingy because my blender isn't doing the job. I do like smoothies. Hope you get rid of those pounds soon

Onebyone - thanks for the link - it was interesting. I remember when you made an appointment to see him and then didn't go. Who knows if that was a good or a bad thing because you seem in a pretty good place right now

Tricia - Glad you have got your weight-loss mojo back. I like the idea of focussing on one pound at a time. I am rethinking my calories too - I think I need 1200 where I was at 1500 before - will see if there is a change when I actually stick to it.

Nationalparker - Ouch for a doughnut box trying to derail you. Enjoy your neighbours and your saved calories

CeeJay - Huge credit for 7 DAYS ON PLAN! - that is an inspiration and encouragement - for you and for me. I need to begin to reach out and that is good to see

Short Term Goal

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