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Diamond did you have much protein in your diet? What propotion of your total calorie intake was protein? Do you have any idea?

But you can reduce your carbs to 45 percent and increase your protein if you think you need to. It will make it easier.

I think Diamond you got to the point you got to because your carbs were just too much. I mean far more than your body could handle and for too long.

If you've been diagnosed as insulin resistant or diabetic it is safest to start working with a dietician. And also if you repeatedly have problems.

I certainly know that if i try to start a diet at certain times, i just can't do it. I think its because my seratonin is too low. And i think getting into the right frame of mind for a diet is very important. If you are going to crack within a few days of starting, you are just doing something wrong and that could be something as mysterious as your seratonin levels. You don't really feel depressed when your seratonin levels are low but you do want to eat carbs all the time. But that backfires.

I just think quitting the sugar should be enough, particularly if your mood is ok. Quitting sugar doesn't mean you should feel free to eat 10 slices of bread a day. I'd think anything more than 4 is trouble.

All that said, i can't really do portion control per se either. I need to get my appetite for bad foods in check. And the above is how i do it. I am not insulin resistant either. But if i were, i'd be talking to my doctor and a dietician for advice and i'd be trying to follow it.
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