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Hi. It was a beautiful day in Ohio and so nice to be off work. We slept in a bit and I have been doing laundry most of the day.

The lady who workds with the painter came to measure the rooms and give me a quote. She said I would have it by Monday. She told me that they usually work with the local Sherwin Williams store to get the paint (that is where I usually buy paint from) and to do pick my color (s) and let them know what it is once I get the quote and decide if I want them to do the job.

I am a very neutral color person as I like to change my color schemes with accessories so my wall colors are some variation of beige or tan. I went to the SW store after she left and picked 3 to take home and look at in the light at home and any of them work. I will make a decision this weekend.

I also went to Walmart for a bit and bought some new makeup and also took a look at digital cameras as mine died. I didn't buy one yet but I'm looking to. Just getting an idea of what I think I want (something simple--I am tired of taking pictures all the time with my phone).

DH has used the C-Pap machine two nights and he told me today that he can tell a difference; he said he feels more alert and not as groggy.

Shad: you asked when DH's ablation surgery would be. Most likely in June. Now that we have the prostrate stone issuse identified and the sleep agpena going in the right direction, we will address the ablation surgery. I need to call the surgeon and let them know we would like to do it. I know that DH will need to be on blood thinners 6 weeks before the surgery and also this surgeon is usually booked two months out so we think we are looking at June.

Laura: Good luck with hemming the jeans. I have to have most of my pants hemmed. I don't do that myself (jealous that you know how!) but I found a reasonable seamstress not to far from my work so I take my things there.

I take a over the counter Vit D daily. At one time I had to take the prescription Vit D. One thing that I learned was that in order for our bodies to absorb it, we need to take it with food.

Good luck with the taxes this weekend.

Michelle: I would love to hear about the talk you have with your friends about your goals.

Ceejay: Good idea to just chill out this weekend.

Happy and Annie: I miss you both. It seems so strange to be here without you.

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