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Originally Posted by Tonia View Post
Morning! I have about 100 pounds to lose and am going to try clean eating before exploring surgery (don't want to have surgery, but running out of options). So...I have a couple of questions. On a clean eating diet is:

1. Protien powder ok? I don't eat much meat - I like turkey but I don't think I can eat it ALL of the time.
2. Artificial sweeteners...truvia?
3. Breads. I know it is discouraged but some sites say only whole grain...what exactly should I look for?

Thanks for your help!
1. Yes, but try to get some whole-food protein sources into your diet as well.
2. I haven't tried that, but xylitol is a good one. Just keep it away from your dogs.
3. If you can get something organic, go with that... just check the ingredients. If there is a ton of stuff in the bread that you can't pronounce then go to the next one. There are some good comparison apps for your phone too.
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