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I take the once per week vitamin d. Did your health care provider state to take the higher dose of vitamin d through the week? Just curious.
I've been thinking about buying a surger for doing my own hems etc. Most all of my pants are too long in the stride and legs even if the pants are petite. I have an aunt that does things for me now, but I really need to do them myself.
I didn't do as well as you did on the challenges, but I will start them again.
I can begin to tell the difference in my arms.

I wear a pedometer. I do a lot of walking at work but not all at one time.

Glad to hear that Santa's paw is doing better. What are your plans for the week end?

I'm tempted to stay at home this week end and not go to Paragould and rest. I was light headed this afternoon so I took my blood pressure. It was 151/89 and pulse was 93. It's a good sign for an anxiety attack. I've just talked myself into staying home. I'll call tonight and tell them.
I did the Peggy Cappy yoga DVD for arthritis which is the same as for the yoga for the rest of us. She only used two people in this one. The other one she uses senior citizens.
B came today to get some more of her stuff. Her sister and bil came with her.
More later
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