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I hope there are some people out there who can answer some of my questions for me. I have been researching IP using alternatives because I just can't afford the plan otherwise. I've read all the sticky threads but I am still a bit confused about a few things.

1. Wherever it says "Protein Packet" on the Phase 1 guidelines, that is where you have an alternative protein shake or bar, is that correct? I read somewhere that you can also mix 1 egg with 2 egg whites for one of the protein packets?

2. How easy/difficult is it to do this diet as a full-time working Mom of 2 boys with a husband who doesn't need to lose weight?

3. Have you found that you are able to go out to eat at all during Phase 1 or are you pretty much restricted to eating all meals at home? I am so short on time with work and soccer starting that I'm concerned that I won't be able to cook what I need each night.

4. Besides having a bar or shake for as an alternative to an authentic protein packet, what else can you eat? Do you get easily bored with drinking shakes and eating bars day after day?

Thank you so much to anyone who can answer or provide honest feedback. I have gained an extreme amount of weight since the birth of my second child, and it has affected every aspect of my life, especially my own happiness and self-esteem. I want to have as much information as possible before committing to this diet because I have tried and failed at so many others time and and time again.
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