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Default bingeing- eating so much feeling ill

Hi all- I also posted elsewhere on this site but thought this section mrs apt

I'm writing a fairly desperate post.

It always starts of being innocent, I'll just finish of this or that. Last night I had little sleep and today had to buy spreadable chocolate and white bread for my hubby's kids. I ate the lot, and was seeking more, and more.

I feel disgusted, I went to the supermarket and was half euphoric and half tearful, buying everything I could find that was a carb. I felt so ill but carried on.

I have a beautiful family and am usually sessile.. I feel ashamed, and out of control. I don't think anyone would understand as it's my own greed, but's it like I don't have a stop button. I don't feel satisfied or full. I keep going. Today I made myself sick too.

It's only food, I was thinking this doesn't after, but it was the fact I just wanted more,,,, I should have gone to bed and caught up on food.

I feel so low and ashamed of myself and don't know how to stop :-(
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