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Carol Sue I do try to help DH with some things he eats especially what I cook, but I told him when he was diagnosed with diabetes that I would help him make changes but I would not police what he ate. I told him people have always done that to me and I don't like it so it would be up to him to decide what he wanted/didn't want to eat. My previous (now deceased) hubby's doctor told us he could trade things off as he had CHF. I kind of let Tony do that. I do give him advice, but he knows that the final decision is his. They are strange creatures aren't they.

I am so excited about how things seem to be working for me. I've decided that keeping all my numbers within allowed on MFP. I actually have my plan for today and the calories are 1224 and fiber is 35 g and sodium under the 2300. I have to share with you what happened last night to help me decide how to make this work.

I saw an interesting thing on FB about Glenn Beck and what test results revealed about his health. DH looked it up on his website and we read and listened to what happened to him day before yesterday. I feel free about sharing this since it is on his website. He has had a lot of tests run over the years and doctors told him to change his diet. However, this news was a little different for him.

He went some place there in TX and had tests done and the doctor's actually told him that he is "being poisoned". It turns out the foods he eats are becoming poison in his system. He read off ALL the foods he CANNOT eat. He thought they were going to tell him to go Paleo, but many of the foods allowed on Paleo he can't eat such as tomatoes, bananas, etc. I can't remember all the foods he can eat except that he has to eat range fed beef, etc and his fruits are limited and his veggies are more like greens. No grains, beans, dairy etc. Nothing processed. He put a word out for a chef who can cook for him and even travel with him. DH said to me "He can't even go eat in a restaurant any more. He can't eat hardly anything".

I did notice that he has Neuropathy. I think I've had a touch of this for years, but never find any doctor who takes it seriously I guess because I can still feel things when they test me. His situation helped me to see why it may be necessary to eat less processed food. I do still want to eat some of the double fiber bread, but most of my fiber from now own will come from fruits and veggies. I can't hire a chef to cook for me and hopefully at this time I'm not as bad as Glenn is. But it really shows me why it is important to eat more of a unprocessed low carb diet. I really think eating this way will even lower my sodium intake. So I will be working at eating this way.

Just thought his story was interesting enough to share. I think I heard in years past that he was also diabetic although he didn't mention it this time. I saw some important lessons to learn here.

Have a nice Friday.

Today my goal is to "DO THE BEST I CAN TO BE THE BEST I CAN BE!!!
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