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Lillianne, That's fantastic that you found something you enjoy and are feeling better about yourself. I am truly happy for you.

Pattience, glad you found a pair of swimmers. What are swimmers? Your menu sounds good.

Steelslady, what a great compliment your daughter's friend gave you another great NSV victory for you. Where is the co-op you mention? Is it in downtown Concord? The reason I ask, is the lunches you describe sound really good.

Tam Tam. incorporating fiber into your diet is what I'm trying to do to. Yesterday I think I had too much because I felt bloated most of the day.

Pattygirl, it looks like you have a good handle on your eating. Keep up the good work!

carabelle & slugg

DH & I walked in the mall this morning. We managed 3 days this week. Hopefully next week we'll get 5 days in. We like to take the weekends off.

Hope everyone has a great Fri.
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