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Morning all. TGIF!!

I never mentioned that the vit d test my gyne ran for me came back low. I picked up the rx for the whopper once-a-week pills earlier this week but haven't taken one yet. Nor have I purchased the large does OTC vit D either. I suppose I'll read up a bit on it this weekend. What I find odd is that the rx only contained 4 pills, so 1 month's worth. I was told on the phone by the nurse that the regimen is for 3 months. Whatever.

Last night I pinned the jeans I need to hem. I'm ready to stitch now. Have to put a bigger needle in my sewing machine and hope it all works out. I have a feeling I will have trouble with the thick part of the hem at the side seams...

Bf had his post-surgery followup appointment this morning and all is fine. He can exercise now, but it was suggested he stay away from ab work.

Tomorrow is a Jazzercise class, then a vet appointment if bf can get one on short notice. Coal hasn't had his adequan injection for a while, and also needs his nails trimmed and glands done. Bf was waiting until the doctor cleared him for exercise/lifting.

Have to tackle the taxes this weekend, and I might get together with my friend D for lunch/shopping. Oh, I finished the pushup challenge last night and will begin it again soon. I'm also going to begin the plank challenge Michelle brought up on FB. Will probably start on the same day to keep it simple, though I did notice the rest days are different...

That's about it for me.


Ceejay - Good for you with the yoga.

Susie - Enjoy your long weekend! I love puttering around the house.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. Hope to see you all back here NOT talking about politics, LOL.
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