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Trish, I agree that you are doing well. We have floundered here for a while, trying this and that, so I'm glad to see you have finally found what works. I know what works for me but have difficulty sticking to it.

I called the PCP for a script to get my bloodwork done for my A1c and thyroid. I know it isn't going to be pretty, but I have to get it done and face the consequences. I have a chart here that shows average BS to A1c, and I think my A1c is going to be around 9. I really hope not, but my sugars have been running really high. They never told me what my A1c was when I was diagnosed and I wish I knew. It has been running around 6-7 since then but recently my BS has spiked and won't come down.

My husband's blood pressure has been up lately and he's blaming it on my cooking. LOL Isn't that how it goes? His weight is up a little and if he loses that, his BP will come down, but he doesn't want to hear that, of course. Since I don't like a salty taste, I do not salt when I cook. I leave it up to each individual to add salt if they desire. My family knows that and is used to it. But he has a tendency to reach for the salt shaker before he takes the first bite. Also, he eats a lot of processed foods which are full of sodium. This is his issue. I have my own to worry about. I care, but it's his responsibility.
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