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167 today! I think part of my fairly rapid loss is because I was above where I normally am for a few weeks (water weight, too) and because I'm still getting over that stomach bug (so I eat a bit less). I'll take it, though.

My new exercise plan got derailed because I wrenched something in my neck. It hurts to breath too deeply, never mind lift weight or walk briskly (or slowly, for that matter). I'll have to sit tight until it gets a bit better. When this happens I tend to push myself and then the muscle gets re-injured, rinse and repeat. So this time I'm trying to wait and see. Hopefully it works.
JenteIsving: Welcome to the thread! I'm brand new, too! And yeah, I couldn't keep up either. I agree on TOM and cravings - when they hit, I want salty, sugary, carby stuff. Which is hard to manage sometimes (most times). I'm trying to figure out a system for it, since it's going to be happening for a very long time yet. No dice so far...
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