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Good morning to you all. It I supposed to be nice and warm today and the house seems warmer than it has been overnight so I don't think it got real cold last night.

Jack left for work about 40 minutes ago and was pretty sore this morning. He takes one step forward, one back so it is just going to take time I guess. He said he didn't sleep well last night at all and the night before he slept very well.

I am finishing up the other shoulder and I will be done with the main part of the sweater then the fun begins. I hate putting in the sleeves and such, but unless I want to wear it pinned together I am going to have to do it.

I finally got my dress yesterday and yep, they screwed it up. Jack took the box this morning to mail back to them and exchange it. I sent a letter to the manager and gave her a piece of my mind about it too. I told her if they screw it up again, that's it. No matter how much I like the clothing, I will not order anything more. You have to jump through hoops to get refunds or exchanges or credits from them and I told her that if she expects her customers to do all that then she ought to make sure her staff pays attention and sends the right stuff. I have spent $40 just on shipping alone! I told her I was fed up spending money I shouldn't have to because someone there screwed up. I told her I made copies of both the exchange form and the letter I sent her so that I knew if they didn't fill it correctly that it was not something I did. I know for a fact the other one was correct also because I sent a note along with it telling them it was for a cruise and I needed a full length dress not a street length dress so I needed a 50-52" long dress. They just changed fabrics and sent the exact same size and length. We shall see what happens.

Susan: I didn't see that your friend is so ill. I will be praying for her that if she cannot get well she can at least be comfortable in her last days or months.

I talked to my best friend for 2 hours on the phone yesterday and it was great. I was telling her about Jack walking around with his snorkel gear on in the house and she got a big hoot out of that. We caught up and laughed a lot, a little gossip about kids we went to school with, and had an enjoyable conversation. I feel for her as her husband is on disability for his back and the only work she can get is 20 hours at I think it was Marshalls. She told them if they couldn't increase her hours she had to find another job. She has her certificate or whatever to do hospital billing coding, but can't find a job. She has to drive clear across town for the one she has and she said she spends a bundle on gas. She said she was going to apply for a job at Meijers, which is like a cleaner Walmart in the north. They only hire part time now too so she will have to work two part time jobs. I could just kick that man in the White Houses behind for doing this to people because of his ridiculous insurance business.

Jean: I just don't get how the heck you have all these machines that read the mail supposedly, the piece of mail comes to the main post office here in town then nothing, then it shows up in Los Angeles for two days then back here again. It is ridiculous. Let us know how it goes with the guy at the post office. I know it gets my goat to go to the post office and find one person working and the line out the door. We have a large Mexican community and so there is a lot of stuff shipped out of the country, passport stuff, visa, green card, whatever and it takes time. So you stand there for 10-15 minutes while they wait on this Mexican customer and don't bring anyone up from the back to wait on customers to get the line down. Doesn't seem to me the government ran this shoddy when we were kids.

You gals have a nice weekend. Tomorrow we are going New Balance shopping for Jack. Have a nice day. Faye
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