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Originally Posted by annadub View Post
Hello, all! Just started back up on the alternative IP plan about two weeks ago. So far down over 9 lbs! Hoping to drop another 40 by mid-summer. Vegetables are starting to become a challenge though!
Annadub - look in the first post of the daily chat. There's a link to tons of recipes for veggies including mixing them in drink mixes, purees, roasting them, etc. Try some new veggies or some old ones you didn't think you liked prepared different ways - you'll be amazed how your tastes change after awhile!

Originally Posted by Nas145 View Post
I am also on the IP with alternative products. Started Monday 17th, my WI is on Saturday hoping for good results but a pound down is as good as any lost. I really look forward to these threards the support is good for us......good luck on your journey....hope to see you on here again.
You're avsolutely right NAS145 - any pound lost is reason for celebrating!

Originally Posted by glynnes View Post
I am on day two of my ip diet program. I am feeling some of the side effects I was informed might happen. Glad I was given a heads up and am looking forward to the day when I will suddenly feel better.

How do I make a weight loss graft like some of the other replies have at bottom of message? I am also hoping to find what other brand foods have IDENTICAL ingredients that are in IP foods to save some money.

Good luck to all.
Hope you're feeling better - it is hard the first few days but it gets easier.

You can't get a weight loss ticker until you've been a member 20 days and made 20 posts.

Look at the Alternative Products that will work in phase 1 thread - lots of great ideas for alternative brands.

Originally Posted by Runner68girl View Post
Hi Janel!

I'm also following the IP program, without the cost of IP products. I have found I really need to be organized and equiped so that I'm not scrambling when it comes to meal times. With IP products, it is easy to reach for a packet of something so I do find you have to be creative when following the IP protocol.
Here's to success!
Organization and planning are key to following this protocol. I do my prep (or have dh do it) for a week in advance so that everything is just grab and go. I'd never be able to get it all done before heading out to work otherwise!

Originally Posted by Indygal View Post
Hello all

I'm excited to have found this site. I just had my first weigh in tonight. Extremely dissappointed after only losing 1.4 lbs. My coach went over my food journal and thought it was from skipping a few lunches. I'm a nurse and sometimes we don't get lunches. I'll do better next week! She gave me a few tips for meals on the go. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
Indygal - 1.4 lbs is great! Any loss is super, that's just that much less you have to lose!

Skipping meals is not good - this diet is low calorie enough without missing some. Post in the daily chat for some tips on how to get everything in when you have such an unpredictable schedule - you'll get lots of ideas since we have a lot of really creative people here!

Make sure you're getting in all your water too. I find I lose much better getting in a lot of water.

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