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Had two fabulous days in a row- went to the Co Op today with my sister, who loves it there- she treated me today for lunch. We went swimming after lunch both days, and I am so happy that she is enjoying it, too, especially where it will help lower her cholesterol so she doesn't (hopefully) have anymore strokes.

I got another compliment today- you know how my daughter told me last week that I was looking good? Well, one of her best friends stayed over last night. When they drove to school this morning, she said "ok, Mandy, what is your mother doing? Every time I see her, she gets smaller and smaller! Am I imagining it, or has you mother lost a lot of weight?" My daughter told her that I was dieting and exercising, and she said "it shows! I wanted to ask her last night if she was losing weight, but I was afraid of hurting her feelings in case I was wrong, but tell her she's looking awesome!"

This young lady is like another daughter to me, and she is just the sweetest darling. It made my day again- I feel on top of the world!

Sis and I are planning on going to Planet Fitness tomorrow to work out for about 45 minutes, then we're bringing our lunch to the hotel where we swim and eating it there, then in the pool we go. First time in a long time since I've used ankle weights in the pool- honestly, once I got in the pool I hardly noticed they were on. I feel it a little bit now, though- just a teeny tiny bit sore tonight.

I am posting both yesterday's and today's menus, sorry I have been incognito the last few days, just been crazy busy, lol, but having lots of fun!

Wednesday's menu-


strawberry/blueberry juice from NutriBullet- 4 grams
natural diuretic juice- 3 grams
turkey sandwich with mayo- 12 grams
Kashi Southwest BBQ black bean crisps- 8 grams
Fiber Bar- 12 grams

total for b/l- 39 grams


HF English muffin pizzas- 18
bag of Seneca Caramel Apple Chips- 5
okra chips- 6
lotsa water

total for dinner- 29 grams

total for Wednesday- 68 grams

Thursdays menu-

lunch at the Co Op- around 4 grams
2 delicious bite sized caramels- oooooooohhhhhh so yummy!!!!


one big fat butt hamburger with cheese on a sesame seed bun- 1 gram
Kashi SW BBQ Black Bean chips- 4 grams
fruit and nut bar from the Co Op- at least 3 grams
water, water, water, lol

total for dinner- 8 grams

total for the day- 12 grams- way way under. I just didn't have much of an appetite today, had one plate at the Co Op, no salad because I just wasn't very hungry- the protein filled me right up. Got home from swimming, had a huge burger with cheese and the black bean chips, and I was stuffed- hard to believe, after working out for over two and half hours that I wouldn't be starving, but I wasn't. Just finished the fruit bar just now. I am definitely done for the day, can't eat anymore.

Have a great day, everyone! Fabulous Fiber Friday is here!

The Wendie Plan in Calories:

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