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Wow, I clicked reply and the ad at the top was for 2 Filet O'Fish sandwiches from McDonald's. Bleh. The ads are getting so intrusive (not just here but everywhere!) I sent my mom a picture of me in that dress to show her what I got for the wedding and she said that the next day on Words with Friends an Ad from Macy's came up with that Dress in it! I didn't even tell her where I bought it! So the ads are looking at pictures as well as what we say? I probably mentioned something about eating Fish on Friday for Lent and that's why I'm getting the Filet-o-Fish ad?
Anyway, sorry for the rant!

My weight is still maintaining - 3 weeks now, I think. I ate more calories today still trying to figure out maintenance.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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