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Default Where do you tend to lose first?

And by "you," I mean you specifically, not people in general.

My scale's batteries just died, so I decided to check my measurements instead to see how we're getting along. And huzzah, I'm 8.5" down! ...unfortunately, they all came off of my thighs, and my butt, and my upper arms, and my neck. I know most women tend to hold their weight in the legs and hips, but not me. I am the apple-iest apple you ever saw. Practically all of my extra weight is in my stomach and boobs - I didn't even think I had fat to lose from my butt. But hey, I know it'll come off eventually. Last-on-first-off and all that.

So, just out of curiosity, where do you tend to lose fat and hold fat? And how long did it take you to see it start coming off of your biggest problem areas?

Former maintainer, now losing again in 2014 after my second baby.
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