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Default Looking for motivation to keep going :(

I have been on my journey for almost 2 months now, and I have hit a wall big time. I am so busy with my education, and have a million other things going on, I am struggling to fit in exercise. I am exhausted all the time, so when I get home, I just crash out. To my credit, while I have slacked off on my exercise, I have continued to monitor my eating. I am having trouble with my friend too, she has no desire to do anything, and isnt really eating properly, and I am copping it off her mum because she isnt motivated anymore, when she wasnt really to begin with. I just find it so exhausting trying to run my life, keep to my diet, find time to exercise and to motivate myself, let alone try to do that for my friend. I feel a million times worse for not exercising, my sleep is suffering, my skin is starting to break out and I just feel restless, but there arent enough hours in the day right now. What I am asking is for you lovely people to give me a kick up the ***, or some motivation or whatever you think will make me want to make time in my shedule to exercise. Please help, I dont want to be a quitter
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