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Afternoon all. Two long meetings have eaten up most of my workday.

Michelle – Glad you thought the yoga class was good. I was going to say “glad you enjoyed it”, but that’s not the same thing, is it?? Soooo…did you enjoy it? I was familiar with most of the poses, but not with Breath of Joy – thanks for the explanation and links. Good idea to do the stretching during commercials, and it is good to hold those stretches for a decent length of time – good way to time them by holding them for as long as a commercial. Happy to hear Santa’s paw is almost 100% again. Hey, when are we starting that plank challenge???

Shad – Great job on the pushups!!! I’m on day 30 of mine TODAY and finding a set of 20 challenging, only doing the knee version, not even the standard version. Boo. All the more reason for me to repeat the challenge, and next time around challenge myself more!! Nice to take some time to reconnect with old friends, but not an easy thing during the workweek. The mornings come much too early!!

Ceejay – Happy Spring to you!! We had snow flurries this morning, but not any accumulation, whew! Did you do your yoga dvd today?

Terra – I agree with Shad – keep up with the walking. While eating is the bigger part of the weight loss equation, exercise/movement is essential. I’m not a huge fan of vigorous cardio, but I do like cardio classes that let me have some fun while I’m flopping around and getting all winded and sweaty. I actually prefer strength building exercise – increase muscle mass--> increase metabolism ---> I can eat a bit more – whoo!

Annie – Sorry Sissy’s having a hard time of it right now. I’m so glad you can be there for her right now, even though you’re having your own rough patch. Don’t leave us, we don’t want to kick you out! We’re here for you, if you want to be here right now or not, that’s your option. What kind of support group would we be if we kicked people when they were down?? Hang in there!!

Happy – How was yoga today? I hope it’s getting a bit easier for you. With all this yoga talk here, I might have to get myself to the Sunday morning yoga class at the gym. It really is a good class. I’m not big on politics, but I don’t think a single offhand comment spoken out of frustration and stress constitutes bashing…


Nothing much to report. Wait… I do: I finally got my down jacket back from the dry cleaner yesterday. Only a month later. Turns out he’d gotten it back from the tear being mended by another person and LEFT IT IN THE TRUNK OF HIS CAR while he and his wife left the country for 3 weeks.

So I don’t really need it much anymore since the temps have moderated quite a bit. And the mending job isn’t very good – I could have done just as mediocre of a job, but I would've at least matched the thread color better. Harrumph. But bf got them to accept $5 instead of $15 for the repair, so I suppose it was worth that. But now that the excuse has presented itself, I will be on the hunt for a new down coat next season. Eddie Bauer had a nice clearance, but none of the coats were below the knee. I want that extra coverage.

I could probably ramble on for quite a while more, but I won’t. Have a good rest of Thursday/Friday everyone.
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