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I do not deserve you all. I am trying to get past all the bunk....Sam is having major blood pressure issues almost did not get to come home. Lil man lost 11% of his body weight, went from 7 7 to 6 9. However they did come home. Sam is overwhelmed with emotions and hormones. Making my life not exist. I go over to her house as soon as I am dressed and come home when Chris comes home from work...She just freaks out, cries a river when she has to be alone. I am exhausted. Today I got to come home early as Chris got to come home early.. It is not so much the two boys as both are being exceptionally great, she just is freaked by being alone. I have been making extra dinner each evening and taking meals the next day. Sassy goes with me to Sissy's so she is not by herself in her cage all day. So......a 28 yr old new momma, a two year old, a newborn and a dog, not really all that bad but I have issues of my insurance. I am freaked by that.. Just bought my meds with no insurance. Sheesh...483.00 bucks. How in the H*ll does Obama expect me to purchase insurance with no fn job...I cannot afford it all....he is just stupid and does NOT get the middle class or unemployed. Ok rant over....

No personals cause I just cannot do it. I am sorry, if you want to kick me out, I understand.

No job leads...3 already been filled responses.

I love you all.


Lap RNY 2/12/07

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