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Morning all,
And it looks like being a beautiful day again. I need to do some shopping tonight so will be off to the supermarket after work. It's becoming very hard to figure out what to do with the food I still have, which isn't much in the way of fresh stuff. Dinner tonight will be a fish curry with rice and possibly spinach if I can find it at the store - otherwise beans or similar.
Had a nice dinner with old friends last night. A lot of laughs, a lot of catching up. They hadn't known I was back in town because I haven't told a lot of people due to my work load, which is easing but will be back to chaotic around Easter when we go live. Everyone is so hospitable, you risk offending if you don't go out to their place for a meal or two which invariably ends up being a late night.

Annie - what are you up to???? Where are you???

Michelle - Glad to hear Santa's paw is getting better. Poor wee bloke. Thanks for the stretching exercises. I might just try some of them since I seem to be stiff getting out of bed these days.
Those photos you posted were lovely. Good on you for getting out and about in the wilderness.

Laura - You must be near finished the push up challenge or have you started again. I'm up to 17 today with a rest day tomorrow, only two more sets to go. I think I might continue with it from about halfway. It was quite strange the way that I had great difficulty in the beginning and then all of a sudden I could do them - not easily, but a lot more comfortably. I have been doing a set of the number on my knees and then the proper ones, so I suppose I have done 34 this morning, however I conside the knees ones the warm up.

Happy - hope you are feeling better after yoga. Is the feeling withdrawal from work syndrome or shock from the fire, or maybe you are genuinely unwell.

Ceejay - Hope the insurance doesn't cost you too much more. Don't know how you lot manage to find that sort of money every year. I'm waiting for the end of tax year in June to see what my insurance has done for my taxes. If nothing, then it is going since they have seen fit to raise the premiums in April and the sad thing is that I have paid and paid and not used it at all. I don't see why I have to pay extra premiums because some people don't look after themselves. I'm not talking about the disabled here. I pay for them and willing through my taxes.

Susie - hope you are all better now. Was good to hear that the DH is feeling somewhat better. When's this procedure he is having???

Terra - walk on. The more calories you burn, the more you can eat. MFP will add the burnt calories onto your 1200 limit, but ensure you are walking at a pace which will burn the calories. You are supposed to walk just fast enough so that you can still speak but really don't want to. Each of us is different.

Work calls. Hope I haven't missed anyone. Back later.
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