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Good Afternoon! It's a beautiful first day of spring in my neighborhood! The sun is shining, the sky is bright blue, and it's warm enough for a spring jacket. I had my nails done this morning, ran a couple errands, and vacuumed the basement while the washer and dryer did their duty. This afternoon is my monthly coffee date with my friend.

Susan -- Thank you for starting the new thread! I'm sorry about your friends. One just never knows what the future holds. I know you will enjoy all of your quilting get togethers this week.

Maggie -- Quick sounds like my kind of recipe. Let us know how the recipes (and coffee) turn out.

"Gma" -- Your medical escapades and insurance challenges sure test your patience! It's too bad O doesn't have to figure out all the SNAFUS he has caused! Funny you should mention the po. There is a single man in our church whose family had rental houses and "old" family money. He has a law degree but has never had a "real" job. He's 70 years old and just started working in the po at the customer window. Bob had to mail some large envelopes for the office and the lady mail person was training this guy; she was telling him step by step, and four people went through Bob's line in the time it took him to do one. I'd love to see him help a nonEnglish speaking person! We are betting he doesn't last very long.

I need to change clothes and head out. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and evening!
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