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Battling Binge Eating
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hope today is a good day 4u and enjoy some frozen fruit!:-D
I am going to do this tonight. I dug thru the freezer and I already have a bag of blueberries, and a bit of raspberries, so thinking it might be a good treat. Last night, broke down and sliced up an apple and had it with some crumbled blue cheese. I like the tart apples, they still seem a little sweet, but the tany and crunch really is something I like. Also, since I slice them in wedges, and "dip" them in the cheese, it takes a while to eat them. I kind of think of it as the same type of physical and mental "procedure" as chips and dip. I loved it. I had looked at those apples for a couple of weeks, the kids weren't eating them. So, I did

I did notice this morning getting dressed that the band on my underwear no longer rolled a bit in the front, and came up more on the hips. They had fit perfectly when I bought them-30 lbs later I couldn't deny they didn't fit right. While they still are not fitting like they used to its a big improvement!

Well, today is about 57 or 58 days binge free. I honestly thought that even after two weeks the weight I had gained from the week long binge eating episodes would just fall off. I was wrong. It has taken a long time to even drop 5 pounds. It has taken twice as long it seems as normal. But, there is a positive in all of this. I used to binge 2-3 days, gain 7-10 lbs, then spend two weeks dropping the weight, and gaining a pound or two as new binges came.
This time, I have lost some weight, and not added any NEW weight thru binge eating. So, while I haven't drop 20 lbs or anything, I have come out of this so far with some control, the binge eating monster is not banging on my door or bursting thru.

I am learning some coping skills, food is not the first thing on my mind when I go to sleep, or the last thing I think of at night. I am no longer "ruled" by my drive to binge, the addiction part. I know the binge issue is still there but it feels more like recovery right now, true progress and results, instead of shaky and unsure I am developing some confidence that I am in control, not my need for food, my addiction to the binge.

Almost 60 days, it is a miracle. I haven't been this far in years. I am really also working on the other parts of the binge eating, not just forcing myself to "give" up the foods, but trying to figure out what things get me in trouble, like the eating alone, sneaking things. I have to stop that because that is part of the control.

I hope we are all having a good week, its Thursday already, wow. This week has gone fast.

Husband woke up this morning with the cold that daughter had earlier this week. He is bummed out as his school has a field trip scheduled today. They are taking the students skiing today. I tried to get him to ski last week, it was pay day so he could afford it, but he decided to wait till this week as its the last week his school makes this ski trip for the winter. Unfor. husband looked like a little kid who dropped their ice cream cone, all sulky and upset. He said he guess he will just have to stay in the loft, read books, and keep warm. The man never gets sick.

I am doing better. I have two days of antibiotics left to take and the pneumonia really seems to have responded to it. I still have a heaviness in the chest and lots of drainage going on, but better.
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