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Default Relapsing as a necessary part of the process

Lately I have been binging... binging on sugar until it hurt my mouth and/or I was physically ill as with food poisoning symptoms. I really did not think of "binging" as a condition until recently when I started relapsing into my old ways, did some honest research into my habits, and, looking back, found that this is exactly what I had been doing my whole life. Whether or not this is on a clinical level, I'm not sure, but treating it as if it were will help just as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that I have come to accept and realize that relapsing is a necessary part of the healing process.
Makes all the sense in the world, doesn't it? When you really think about it. I don't know why this did not click with me before, but now that it is has, it is something profound.
This epiphany, (if you can call it one ) has had a somewhat cathartic effect on my emotions.
I feel more hope that I will reach my goals and less stress about it... which incidentally reduces the urge to binge.
So, if anyone is struggling with relapsing right now, try to remember this!
You don't have to let it derail you, just keep in mind that it's a NECESSARY PART OF THE PROCESS!
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