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Originally Posted by hhm6 View Post
TOM right here too!!! I have been eating horribly today. I just crave sugar and carbs. I ate lunch well, walked 2 miles, ate dinner, then I went and got a mcflurry, now came home and had a sweet coffee drink, UGHHH why!! the mcflurry alone is 610 calories according to MFP. Seriously? What the heck is in this stuff?! I would have eaten 6 of those 100 calorie brownies instead, so annoyed.

I can't wait until TOM is over.

Btw here is the article, not scientific by any means but thought I would share!
I know that feeling. Cravings of sugary food and feeling heavy and bloated! UGH! I haven't had it this month yet. It seems like a monthly monster especially when I'm dieting.
Today I'm in at 166.6!!!
For once I feel I deserved it. I had a soda y'day plus a buttery pie but I made sure I walked and walked and walked y'day. I walked everywhere! I must have done about 6 miles. My body was sweetly sour at the end of the day and I slept like an angel! lol
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