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Lillianne, Since I read your post last night, I've been thinking a lot about you eating 1000 calories. I am glad that Trish addressed it and I thought I'd add my 2-cents. I also think that's too low. I think you might be setting yourself up for a binge. That happened to me when I was on Slim Fast for a month or so. One night after my "sensible meal" I was starving and ate everything I could put my hands on and could not fill myself. Why not start out in a higher calorie range and see how it goes? You can always lower it if you're not losing. But, you know what's best for you, and if you can stick with 1000 cal., then go for it.

When I read what Steelslady mentioned about different ways to exercise, I thought of chair exercises. I'm sure you can find something online. Maybe you can do something like that when you're not exercising outside.

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