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Good morning to you all. It is cool again this morning and only supposed to get into low 50's for a couple days then back up in the 70's, Sure wish it would settle down some.

A couple days ago I had the most beautiful cardinal and his "wife" on my deck. I sometimes wonder why God made the males of some species so beautiful and the female so plain instead of the other way around. Guess once I am in heaven I can ask him.

Jack has a rehab appointment today so he will be home from work early. Guess I will have to get some work done and not goof off too much. He could care less. He woke up this morning feeling really well. He said he could sleep on his back and not hurt and even sleep on that side with a blanket rolled up and used as a pillow to brace him and sleep fine so it is definitely getting better. Since his cardiologist's practice changed to another hospital and is not in network, Jack hasn't been able to go see him this year. He has been going to the regular dr and is fine, but come October when he goes on Medicare he can go back to him. His cardiologist usually gives him his prescriptions, but he is going to need them refilled so went to make a dr appointment. He first had to go to Tricare and make his PCM the same as his doctor as they changed their rules. He called to do that and the guy said his dr had no more openings so he kept the dr he had on his PCM and ask the guy to make an appt with him. Well this guy had no open appts so Jack was supposed to call this week, which he did. The earliest appt he could get was April 30!!! Sure a good thing he isn't sick I guess. On top of that, I got a second bill for the copay for my surgery and went round and round on the phone with the hospital billing about it as I had already paid it. Come to find out, I was billed my Tricare for having the wire put in at the womens' center because it is considered part of the womens' hospital and the Baptist "campus" has two hospitals what they call East, which is the main hospital and the womens' hospital that does just womens stuff. Because the womens' center is billed at womens' hospital I had to pay a second hospital copay even though I only had the one surgery. These are all changes I would bet are because of Obamacare because that isn't the way it was before. St Francis womens' center is part of their hospital, but I have never had to pay a copay for stuff there at all. UGH!

I noticed the site has autocorrect now as it has corrected a couple of words I typoed. It fixes it, but you can go back and rewrite it the way you want the second time. I just tried it.

I am finishing up one side of the sweater shoulder then will do the other side. Patterns are always written, "working both sides at once" but I never do. I put one side on a stitch holder to keep it out of the way and I write out the bind offs and decreases in a vertical row on a steno pad before I start them then as I knit that row I check it off. I also put a stitch marker when I start armhole decreases so I know I have the exact same number of rows on each side so they are exactly even. When I finish that side and go to the other, I make the check marks, X's to show that I finished that row on the other side. Works for me and I never get lost and have to take out rows.

Jean: Hopefully even your dusting of snow will quit soon. I am surprised about our cool temps as we usually are in the steady 60's by now. I guess it will come, but I am sure ready for sandal weather. The IBC comes in brown bottles and is packaged old school in a 6 bottle carton. They have regular, diet, and cream soda that I know of. Their cream soda is great, but I don't think they make it in diet, which is too bad. My package is back in Memphis as of late last night. I don't know if it actually went to LA or what, but supposedly it is here in town again. We shall see if I get it today as I should. I despise the post office anymore. They seem to have more and more morons running the place. It is no wonder people are willing to pay more to send packages by other means.

Susan: Jack fooled around with the camera last night and really likes it. It is sure easier to understand than our other Coolpix camera for sure. It is also a much higher pixal and it has HD1080P for video. It also has a lithium rechargeable battery instead of having to put batteries in it all the time. We are pleased as we got a nice price on it too from a mom and pop online company in New York City. They shipped the day after I ordered it because they ran out of the color I ordered and emailed me what I wanted to do and then sent it FEDEX and it came the next day. Was nice to have a company who actually cared about their customer. Hope you have fun with all your quilting this week. An online knitting friend made this heart quilt that was a hanging I believe and it was so cute. She sent me the link for the directions like that was something I could do!

Maggie: Let us know what you think of the recipes. Jack loves pineapple upside down cake.

You all have a great day. I am going to go and get my day started. Faye
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