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thats great well done on ur loss result!determination always pays off in the end!keep going!

at the end of the day as long as u r both happy and healthy and ur children r safe happy and healthy,then no1 else matters imo!if ppl want to waste there time judging ppl whether they know they r doing it or not then they have a big problem and just need to get a life!!

i think its good to treat urself 4 doing well-i do,4 eg if i have a good weight loss one week i might paint my nails to give me insentive!that way if i reach a goal i have pretty nails too!its the little things..!and this xmas i got clothes vouchers to spend in clothes shops which i have been saving,so wen i reach a specific weight i can treat myself to some new clothes!looking 4ward to that one..!think my next treat im planning will b a nice haircut..:-)

posting on this thread deffo helps me and its so nice hearing about each others progress-and i really do appreciate the help!

i seem to b on track so far and still got bout 2weeks till ill b taking mum out 4 mothers day and the boyf out 4his birthday-that will b 2 nice meals out in 1 bit scared of ruining my hard work but my theory is as long as i dont go crazy on the other days and stay healthy then any weight gained will b lost soon enough fingers crossed-just need to stay in a positive mindset and remember that it can b fixed so trying not to get 2 stressed about it..!last summer i had a lot of weddings etc that i attended so would b off diet 4 say a wknd then go back on my plan-so id gain about 7lbs then take a few days to lose it again so in a way i was still on track...just with some bumps along the way..!does that even make sense..?!

hope today is a good day 4u and enjoy some frozen fruit!:-D
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