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Originally Posted by Liliann View Post

Ladies....I had enough on my home scale ,up and down cycling...Just had it...I am going to get serious and will go this evening on getting my healthy foods and begin on Thursday a low calories plan. I just planned my menu for it. Thursday I will be 1,000 calories a day...and Not eating foods with my family. They gave me **** this afternoon and after I cooled myself down, I going to plan my own meals..and eat my foods. every single day.

Soon, I will go my food shopping on getting Lettuce,canned red kidney beans, Orignal fiber one cereal and fat free milk. I planned for Thursday and is under 1000 and fiber 64.

I need to do this...I am in pain daily and am all alone on this. My medical doctor wants me do to surgery or diet pills...and now my own family is aganist me and do not understand what a morbid obese person deals with. I am back up at 400s and also, can not do any workouts on this old house, they fear I will make the old ,old weak floors worse. I am in 400s, but struggling like anything. I am diet alone..and do my walking only outdoors..I want to dance and can not even do that..only in the yard...

I had my deep melt down and cried...But I show them I can do this without any diet pills or surgery. I am desprate and also need to be patient with the scale.

Thanks for listening...and allowing me to vent..
I am so so sorry, honey- that is just awful how your family doesn't help and support you. You don't deserve this. Please know that we are here every step of the way, every day. You need to talk or vent, come right here, we'll listen, and if we can, try to help any way we can. While I am lucky that my husband and kids are supportive and loving, I can tell you in my younger years, I had aunts and cousins who constantly, and I do mean constantly, got after me for my weight, and I was just a kid! A couple of years ago, I was one of two nieces that used to visit my aunt in a nursing home, and every time I would visit with my family, she would mention how I was the biggest girl on both sides of the family. My kids and husband kept asking me why I put up with that abuse from her, but honestly, she was one of my favorite aunts, past the weight issues. I knew she loved me and cared, unlike some of the cousins who were unmerciful in their comments, often in front of my parents, who said nothing to stop them.......My mother was always so worried about hurting other people's or causing a rift in the family, so she allowed her own daughter to be subjected to hurt over and over again, for the sake of "peace in the family". Even my sister had her ways of taunting and embarrassing me years back.

Thank God, I have a wonderful husband and great kids. I just don't know now if I could go through that abuse again, it is hurtful and degrading. Yet if you try and defend yourself and point out any of their flaws, you're a selfish person for heaven forbid, trying to stop being a marshmallow and let people walk all over you.

Do you have a basement in your home?I know some people don't if they live in older houses. How about a garage that you could buy an electric heater if it's too cold and exercise in there? That's just lousy that you can't exercise in your own home!

How about mall walking? Do you live near one where you can go daily, just put on your Ipod and have fun without the stress? Earlier mornings are best, it's not busy, and you don't have to deal with a lot of teens and little kids, lol.

I know some gyms have walking tracks in them, but the one closest to me is almost an hour away, so it's not convenient.

Can you do more swimming, Liliann? Get a pair of arm water weights and some ankle weights for the water- you can also use these on land when you are not swimming- that will help tone your legs and burn more calories. I have my swimming ankle weights on now- I wear them all day around the house, it really does help trim the legs up- just don't ever run in them, anyone who's reading this- not good to run with ankle weights, can cause problems with knees and ankles. While doing housework and other things around the house, you forget these are even on.

How about doing dance moves without moving your feet? You just sway your hips, arms, torso, even your legs back (simply bend them) and forth to music, without moving a step. Use a stretchy band or hand held weights or wrist weights while swaying back and forth to music. Also, windmills, waist twists while holding a broom over your head, squats, plies, lots of different arm exercises can be done in your bedroom without any movement, so they don't complain.

Buy some balloons at the store, and have fun bouncing it around, back and forth, while on your bedroom floor, sitting. Know what silly thing I made on time when I missed playing tennis in the winter? I took a tennis ball, pushed a screw driver through it, pulled about a six foot piece of clothes line through it, and tied it to one of my doorways and had fun just batting the ball, back and forth. I am going to do that again soon- silly as it sounds, it really is FUN and you move your hips and body, while standing in place, swinging your arm to hit it. I change arms to get some exercise in the other one- may tie a balloon to a string and hit it with a tennis racket so it don't make any noise in your house. It's also a GREAT a great stress reliever. I also highly recommend getting a punch ball- they sell them in the toy section at Walmart and are very cheap- you can sit in a chair and have fun using it- burns calories and lowers stress levels, trust me, I know.

Also, please don't go too low on calories- for now, try to get in about 1600-1800 a day. Going too low too soon has the opposite effect on your body. As time goes on and you lose a lot of weight, gradually lower them, by fifty at a time, but never ever lower than 1200 a day minimum.

Hang in there, honey, and don't let them get you down. I don't suppose there is any way you could find another place to live and get away from them- I'm sure if you could, you would have by now. I wish I could hug you, so sorry you are living like this. Sending you a hug online all the way from New Hampshire.

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