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I am enjoying a very quiet evening, punctuated by the calling of the Canadian geese in the field next to me, the snapping and crackling of my fireplace, and listening to the wind whipping above the chimney. Decided to go with a quiet, meditational evening and will journal and enjoy a cup of hot tea here in a while.

Spoke with my brother earlier and he is quite worried about our dad, who is just in such severe pain. Tests have now been completed and consultation is on Monday. I feel the past six weeks have been test, test, consult, more testing and we still know so little. His heightened concern has me antsy. I've rebooked my trip to stay a few extra days when I visit in April. This will be a priority over work for that time period, but they're okay with me doing half sick days and half work days ... with our work, it's easy to see what is getting done.

I didn't sleep very soundly last night, and will start the process off with a hot bath tonight, to get a bit dozy.

I haven't been tracking my streak, yet i know I've been OP for about two weeks, and am buoyed by that. I know I'll have a splurge meal with some neighbors for Mexican in the next few days, and then a belated birthday gift night out for DH on Saturday (to see Defending the Caveman, which is supposed to be riotiously funny... we shall see) and will enjoy dinner downtown afterward. So if I can stay on track and just enjoy two meals that are a bit higher, I'm happy with balancing that out. I don't want to live my life regretting choices or bypassing enjoyable meals if I am able to keep portions/calories in a workable range. I just cannot sabotage myself as I tend to do. Oh, down a bit - this is working well, let's do this instead. blerg.
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