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Got my w3d2 done today. It sucked! I just felt lethargic and tight most of the way through. Got it done, though, so I guess that's fine. I'm almost looking forward to the longer runs coming up because it feels like I stop running as soon as I finally hit a comfortable stride.

EllaDorine - Actually it's my son in my avatar! He's almost three now, so that'll tell you how long it's been since I changed pictures...

Magicsusan - Yep, took Sat/Sun off. I usually do Monday, Wednesday, Friday for runs. I found today's run to be a lot harder than Monday too for some reason. I just was not feeling it until halfway through - my calves were tight and I just wanted to stop. Finished it, though!

Tafadhali - Have to disagree with you on the Jeep jogging strollers! We got one when my older kid was just a babe, and it's gotten really heavy use for the last three years (my husband is military, and he did most of his runs with it for ages). Honestly, it's been awesome. Maybe your sister just got a lemon?

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