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Hi there!

I've been trying to read up on what happened here those past few days... no chance, you guys are chatty
Just kidding, I'm glad this thread is so active!

All this talk about cabbage made me buy some red cabbage today
I'm just not sure what to do with it, yet. The traditional thing would be to use it as a side dish with potato dumplings or bread dumplings... maybe not the best idea. Ah, we'll see, I'll come up with something

Other than that... do you know any carousel horses who could use a break? I could totally fill in for them. I'm feeling like one anyway: my weight's been going up and down and up and down... and it's all Tom's fault!
Tom came by for a visit, and whenever Tom shows up my food choices... aren't necessarily ideal. This time Tom brought a friend: the Easter Bunny of Doom. Mint chocolate. It snuck up on me and I... I... I couldn't help it...

Or in other words: it's TOM and I ate the whole darn thing
Oh well, lesson learnt. I can't have mint chocolate in the house.

That was three days ago. Since then, I got up every morning at five (I'm so not a morning person, takes me forever to be able to do... anything at all) to get in some extra minutes (okay, half an hour) of exercise. That's okay, though, I meant to try and do just that anyway, so I figured now is as good a time as any. But, gosh, why does the morning always have to come that early?

And on that note - I'm off to bed. Good night everyone!

Ah, not yet.
Just wanted to add: I've also read about that spice thing hhm mentioned. I just can't remember where or what exactly was said. I only remember that it's supposed to help with weight loss. That was good enough for me, seeing as I like spicy food anyway

Oh, and while we are at it, has anyone heard that white tea is said to help with weight loss/"protect" the skin during weight loss? Is there any truth to it or is it just a myth?

Okay, *now* I'm off to bed. No, really. Good night!
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