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Ladies....I had enough on my home scale ,up and down cycling...Just had it...I am going to get serious and will go this evening on getting my healthy foods and begin on Thursday a low calories plan. I just planned my menu for it. Thursday I will be 1,000 calories a day...and Not eating foods with my family. They gave me **** this afternoon and after I cooled myself down, I going to plan my own meals..and eat my foods. every single day.

Soon, I will go my food shopping on getting Lettuce,canned red kidney beans, Orignal fiber one cereal and fat free milk. I planned for Thursday and is under 1000 and fiber 64.

I need to do this...I am in pain daily and am all alone on this. My medical doctor wants me do to surgery or diet pills...and now my own family is aganist me and do not understand what a morbid obese person deals with. I am back up at 400s and also, can not do any workouts on this old house, they fear I will make the old ,old weak floors worse. I am in 400s, but struggling like anything. I am diet alone..and do my walking only outdoors..I want to dance and can not even do that..only in the yard...

I had my deep melt down and cried...But I show them I can do this without any diet pills or surgery. I am desprate and also need to be patient with the scale.

Thanks for listening...and allowing me to vent..
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