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Another quick flyby. I took DGS to work and I have to go back and get him here pretty soon. He is going to learn you can't depend on other people. I think he is popular because he has a car, but now that he can't drive his, no one wants to help him out like he does others when he is able to drive. I remember I had a car between Thanksgiving and Christmas when I was in college. I had more friends the few weeks I had a car. I wasn't crazy I knew they weren't real friends. They weren't friends before I had the car and quickly disappeared when I came back to school without it. He lets his school work go etc because he wants to be with his friends. The kid he thought would work Mon and today was a no show. It was optional as to whether they worked or not and his friend is spending the spring break studying. I hope he begins to see how things work and I will definitely be glad when he gets his insurance so he can get his license back do this running for himself. He goes back to live on campus Sunday night.

I am happy to say that the ticker is correct again and I hope I am passing through as I go downward. I could see 227 any time now. Haven't eat out this week has helped a lot. My fbs was back down to 157 this morning so that is good too. So keeping the fiber between 25 and 35 g with an occasional 40 g is working. Trying to get the sodium down. I finished off the low fat cheese and am eating the full fat now. Just have to look at the labels for sodium more these days.

I looked at the oops bread too. Thinking about trying it. I saw one that is made with psyllium so I'm thinking you might could put flaxseed in it for fiber and have more control over the sodium.

Carol Sue I thought of you yesterday when I read an article somewhere online. I think it was on telling people "eat this instead" type thing. It said to eat eggs for breakfast because it will keep you full longer. I know my DS who is a trucker driver says that he has learned that when he eats a breakfast with eggs that he can go longer without having to stop to eat. I've gone back to eating my eggs again and I am into Jimmy Dean's less fat sausage patties. I only eat one patty a day and I add 1 some times 2 slices double fiber bread and SF/HF Polaner preserves for 8 to 13g of fibers.

Hope everyone has a nice day. I've got to get going so I can get ready to go get the kid. Just found out as I started this post that I have to go get him and I've got a kitchen to clean up before I leave.

Today my goal is to "DO THE BEST I CAN TO BE THE BEST I CAN BE!!!
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