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Holly Thx you. That is from my marriage ceremony in Las Vegas. DH pic is very nice too. It was great but I cant wait for our wedding in the Falls. We finaly got a hotel reserved. Its about 20 miles from the falls but must be close to the air port due to the name. Were going to arrive on Saturday night, have Sunday to do whatever we want. Get married on Monday Then stay till Wednesday. We are driving so we want to have a few days that we can recoop from the drive.

I know what you mean about the winter weather. We are finaly at the point that we can see the ground again but it cant make up its mind if it wants to rain or snow. We are also at that sweet spot for freezing temps. At night we need to remember to leave an upstairs faucet drip.

I am loving my new adventure (It Works) Im not working much at Dunkin Donuts. They usually only schedule me on Fridays but this week they didnt schedule me at all. So I have been taking my time this week to dress in my IBM work clothes (the ones that still fit) & going out to the different salons & the Tanning place here in town to see if they would like to be a distributor & sell out of their salons. I have a few that is a maybe & some that have said not at this time. I do have 1 that will be selling it. I had to order more business cards already cuz of all the places I have stopped at.

I love being able to tell people that I have been taking the greens & the Relief. The longer I am on it the better I feel & I dont hurt as much as I used to I have not taken any Tylonal or Ibprophin in more then a week now & even stoped taking 1 dose of my Dr meds. I am still popping more pills then I like but am working on cutting them back.
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