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Good Morning! We got enough snow to cover the ground again, and no sunshine in sight for today. This weather is just plain annoying! The dishwasher is doing its job, and I need to round up laundry. I have bell practice later this afternoon and need to pick up bread either coming or going.

Maggie -- Like I said, this weather is ANNOYING! I hope the weather guru knows tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of NICE spring weather. I think we've had more wind than usual; no point in spending much time on a hairdo. I have a couple of the tiny A & W mugs too. Not sure where iI got them. I've thought about donating them to our church auction, hoping someone would get a kick out of them.

"Gma" -- You posted while I was typing so I am back. I should clean upstairs too but have to really be in the mood. I think I overdid cleaning for card club! Sometimes I think people who work in shipping/delivering are mentally challenged! We have one great mail man while the sub is dumber than dumb! Half the time our long block will be a mailbox off and we'll be out exchanging mail on any given day. I hope you get your dress before you sail! I don't think we have IBC root beer around here. You are right about the Barqs brand.

I need to get dressed and get my day going. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday!

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