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Good morning all. It is cloudy at the moment, but isn't saying anything about rain. We are going to be in the low 60's today and in the 70's tomorrow then over the weekend dip back down into the 50's again for a few days.

I am headed upstairs to clean as soon as I get done here. I am hoping the FEDEX guy doesn't show up while I am up there as I have to sign for the camera we bought. I went ahead and bought a new Nikon Coolpix that shoots underwater so Jack can take some snorkeling pictures. We have a Coolpix now and I really like it. It takes great pictures owing to the fact the photographers are lousy.

I ordered a couple necklaces in purple that came with earrings and were half the cost combined that the one necklace and earrings were. I found a lot of beautiful stuff on Ebay of all places. I made sure they were plenty long enough. Now I have to find out where the heck the dress is so I can send it back and get one the proper length. It was here in Memphis on Saturday and supposed to be delivered on Monday, but as of this morning it left Los Angeles so I am assuming they sent the package back, why I have no idea. If it shows delivered back to the store, I will call them and have them redo the dress before they send it back. What a big mess this has turned out to be again.

I am almost to the neckline of the sweater. I think I have about 4 rows maybe then I can do the neckline decreases. I will be glad to have this done and I can then block it and sew it up.

Jack is still so very sore. He went to rehab yesterday and came home wrapped, but he didn't have me rewrap it when he got up this morning so I don't know. He can't sleep in it, but she said he could wear it to work. He slept in the bed last night so we shall see how it goes. I heard it could take up to a year for it to heal completely.

Jean: We buy IBC diet root beer. It comes in brown bottles not cans and we like it the very best. It is pricier, but we really like the taste. I think the fountain root beer you are talking about is Barqs. That is the Coke brand of root beer so it would be in fountains that serve coke. A and W is owned by Pepsi so if they had fountain root beer I would imagine that would be what they would have in their fountains. All three of them are good regular root beer and A and W diet is good too, we just like the IBC and can get it at the commissary. I found some absolutely gorgeous, what they call bib necklaces on Ebay, but they are way too short for my fat neck. Too bad because I would have ordered them in a minute. I like big jewelry and being a big girl I can wear it. I look kind of dumb with tiny stuff on.

Maggie: I told Jack we will have a brand new set of high end glasses from cruising. We always get the soda package and it comes with two tall plastic glasses that have lids that open and close sort of like the things you would take in your car or to the gym or something only bigger. So far we have 4 of them and will get two more this cruise. We always get the package because it is unlimited and all you do is take them to a bar or restaurant or they have kiosks with coke products and you fill them up. They have a chip in them to show you bought the package and also to keep you from filling them and then pouring them into someone elses glass then refilling. You can only get it filled at the kiosk once every 5 minutes.

Well gals, I better get hopping as I have no idea what time the FEDEX guy will be here. My shapers are coming today to only UPS, but he will just put the box outside the door and knock. I have to sign for the camera it says on the website. Have a good one all. Faye
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