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Oh someone mentioned jump starting. It reminded me that i did a one day fast very near the beginning of my diet. It was hard. I wouldn't do it for any longer than that i wouldn't do anything like a 15 day fad diet thingy. Such a diet would take a lot of resolve.

My idea about one day fasts was that i would do them from time to time but i haven't actually felt the need to do any more since. A second part about doing one was that i thought it might help me practice restraint. But i would be tempting fate by having a treat twice a week. To my mind that is like cutting down cigarettes. That approach works for very few people. I"mi a cold turkey kind of person. I did ith with cigarettes 17 years ago and am doing sweets like that now.

I don't have a problem with other carbs though. Just eat more vegies with your carbs and less fat cause mostly i think why people eat so much of things like bread and pasta is because of all the goo that goes on top of it. Its not actually the pasta itself that's the problem. But that's my view and i know a lot of people here don't agree with me.

I mean truly, i've never been able to eat more than one bowl of 125grams of dry spaghetti. I never have a feeling of wanting more. Of course if the serve size was half that i would have to go back for more. Now mostly though i try to eat 100grams only of spaghetti and i do find spaghetti better than other pastas for some reason. I don't know if they are different.

Tell me try this and let me know if you feel you need to make another serving:

125grams spaghetti (usually 1/4 packet of 500g so not necessary to weigh.
1/2 metric cup of tomato pasta sauce from a jar - better quality the better
some chopped mushrooms sautéed separately in a 1tsp olive oil first up and if you like some zucchinis also or red pepper or some other veggie.
When the vegies are done, add in the sauce, heat through then add in the cooked spaghetti to get it hot again.
top off with 1 tbsp of finely grated fresh parmesan cheese and ground black pepper.

Let me know if you feel the need of a second serve after that.

I find nothing unhealthy or wrong with this meal. And it keeps me going a long time.

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