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BigChiefHoHo- I know the time of the runs (or in your case the distance) has increased, but the 2.5 min walkies almost feels a bit long, doesn't it? Still, 2.5 min running! We did it! I've just done week3day2 today, which means you're probably going to be doing it too- do you also take sat and sun off from running? I'm just asking, because I feel as if even though the Monday and Wed runs were exactly the same, the Monday one was somehow easier... Maybe because I had two days to recover, or just coincidence.. We'll see.

Well done, Elladorine! I wish I could back up time and start a little earlier too (I mean, earlier in relation to the ages of my children- just to set better examples) but we are where we are and my eldest (17) has just started running from zombies, so I think they are realizing how much happier I have been since I started taking care of myself.

Tafadhali, could you maybe get help from a sports therapist for you tendons? In any case, good luck. (BTW, I also do Fitnessblender's Easy Cardio Warm-up before I do my dumbbells ) And congrats on doing 20 minutes! I'll get there someday.

Awshucks, you intrigue me. I'm enjoying the running, but the segments up until now have been so short that I never really felt I had time to get into a rhythm, if that makes any sense. I'm only on week 3, but today I felt toward the end of the longer run (we're talking 2.5 minutes here, so don't anybody be impressed ) that it was actually "happening," like I was in a bit of a rhythm and could have gone on a bit longer. Then it was time to stop. Curious to see about longer runs (Friday- 3minutes ) in light of your first five minutes being the hardest comment...
I'll certainly report back about the humidity vs. elevation thing either during or after my hols, depending on access.

Lilmischattabox, I like the way you think! One run and you're halfway there

As for choosing the wrong day on the program; I've done that. I've done it all. Now that I finally figured out why I wasn't getting my voice prompts, had one day with no hitches. Today? Managed to accidentally put the phone on silent mode. Why is nobody telling me to run? Hmmmm.... I am soooo awful with machines! I look forward to the day when it's just me and my mossy feet!

Have a great day, everyone, see you Friday!

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