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Default Wednesday night

Hi coaches

The last few days have been way off track - they start on track and I have a plan and I am sticking to that plan and then at night it goes out the window. 2 nights ago I made fries after I posted, last night I made "toast" (gluten free facsimile) (and didn't post because home late), and then today as I was leaving work I grabbed a handful of cake that I saw sitting in the staff room - definitely not gluten free and not even very nice. None of this really puts me over on calories but it is not on plan and I am not resisting. There is a theme here - carbohydrates. Since changing my diet plan I have introduced more carbs and it seems to be triggering cravings - and I am not dealing with them because I am busy and unfocussed and not really trying to. So I need to get back on track, and I need to want to do this. My weight has been bobbing about at 193 so essentially I am maintaining - whether I go off track or stay on it so I am letting that discourage me. Not sure what the plan is except to do the Beck program - I need to read the Advantage cards and Response cards to cut off the craving behaviours. I need to post here even if it is a couple of lines to maintain accountability.

Credits today:
- Posted here and got real about where I am
- Ate to plan and have a plan (but ate cake!)
- Am cooking a good dinner - home late so trying to keep it simple and do it
- Have listened to the motivational track twice (thanks for posting the name CeeJay)
- Have read all postings

I am enjoying the motivational track - it is making me focus on what is important and I hope it helps me create a more useful identity. I need to work on building an identity that is consistent with the goals in Beck.

I will now go and have dinner and try to get my life back in order

(PS Monster Monday refers to MY personal experience of Mondays - they are not good at the moment)

Thanks for listening

Short Term Goal

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