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S/C/G: 287/240.8/180/ 3/19/16

Height: 5' 9"


Menu for today-


2 dropped eggs on high fiber toast- 12 grams
glass of orange juice (I knew I was going swimming- upped my potassium a little for this reason)

total for breakfast- 12 grams


Ate again at the Co Op- excellent salad bar, olive bar, and hot plate bar- they change everything daily so there's always new food items in all of the bars. I had one full plate of high fiber and low calories veggies with a little chipotle salad dressing. The other plate, which had my hot food items, had half broccoli, 1/4 asparagus, 1/4 snow peas with a small chicken breast and about four or five pieces of beef for my protein. So, I had at least 12 grams of fiber minimum.

total for lunch- 12 grams, at least

Dinner after a vigorous workout in the pool-

four pieces of low sodium bacon
3 pieces of high fiber French toast with no sodium butter and maple syrup- 18 grams

total for dinner- 18 grams

total for the day- 42 grams at least, possibly more

I will catch up with you all tomorrow. I had a very busy day today- first, I cooked dinner for my family and prepared salad stuff for them to assemble with their dinner before my sister and I headed out to eat and go swimming. Came back at 9 PM, watched the rest of the Bruins game that I didn't know was on, gggggggggrrrrrrrrrr, while I put my feet up against the wall in my room again for 25 minutes.

I made my dinner around 10 PM, as believe it or not, I will still full from lunch, even though I put myself through a workout that I have never done before in my entire life- I need to see that handsome Puerto Rican man every day, so I stay motivated to work out that hard until all this weight is gone. I think every time I hit the pool, I am going to think of him and that conversation and amp my workouts for good.

Have a great day, everyone- I had a great one today, at that pharmacy I was telling you that story about- I saved over sixty dollars on my purchase- I hit the jackpot today with all the "buy one get one free items"- woohoo!

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