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Patty unfortunately, i can only get the pasteurised homogenised goats milk from the supermarket. I haven't noticed any bad smell. I hate paying that much money for it but the thing is, cows are so badly treated these days and if the goats are getting a better deal, i think i can afford just that little bit extra. I am not saying i think others should do that too because i know how long its taken me to decided to make this semi-sacrifice.

Here's hoping that at some point your hubby might get inspired by the changes you are making and decide to try changing his eating habits too.

I can understand why he doesn't like healthy foods if he's eating a lot of fast food. I think they taste quite different and don't really go together. When i am eating badly, I can't enjoy the sorts of foods i'm eating now. It has a lot to do with the strength of the flavours i think. Healthy food has more subtle flavours while fast-food is just rich strong flavours. So its also why i think refined sugar foods are such a problem for me. However, i also feel physically less well because of all the nutrition i'm lacking.

Yep, i hope you find some other good foods because i don't think eating only salads is sustainable. Although i have my bean salad, i don't try to do it 7 days a week. Somedays i have a sandwich. When i go to the city, i have korean food or Japanese - something nutrition and subtlety even though its still got lots of salt. I don't know, i find i can eat some of it and stop but with sushi from the sushi train i can't stop until i've had about 4 plates so I'm not going there anymore. I will try to choose a better restaurant if i'im going for italian or french or other but there's no way i am bothering to eat from those food courts anymore. Almost all the food is poor quality. either poor quality cooking or just super bad nutrition. Oh well except for the salad sandwiches but those salad bars don't look enticing to me in the foods courts. I find the whole atmosphere cheap and nasty and unhealthy so i have given up on them.

I also won't be eating bean pea or lentil soup every night. I will still have fried rice, or spaghetti meals a few times a week. I think its important to keep hold of the variety.

Oh i forgot. I wanted to ask about the bullet gizmo. I just saw it advertised on tele. When you have a smoothie made with one of those do you keep all the fibre in. I probably won't get one because i've got a bar mix which does all the work i need. But i agree with you juicing is not the way to go. The insulin article i posted talks about the problem with juices i think - you now too much glucose causing sugar spikes etc. A whole food smoothie might be a lot better. That said, i love some juices and would have one from time to time but not as a means to losing weight.
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