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Hello GGs! It is another beautiful sunny day here. We went to dh's retiree brunch this morning, but have been home the rest of the day. Dh is chopping wood. I have been very lazy, just very sleepy all day. Not even cooking tonight as we are having leftovers, and each on his own. I am just now feeling like doing something so will try to get somethings done tonight. I have always been an evening person but only problem is I often get distracted by TV. Our son came over last night and we enjoyed talking together. He'd already had dinner though, so didn't join us when we ate. Too bad because the Swiss Steak was yummy!

My eating today:
brunch out
biscuit and gravy - carb and fat (I scooped out the bits of sausage in the gravy) Yuck! Will not order again!
bacon - 1 1/2 sl - protein

am snack - actually shouldn't have eaten this because my bs wasn't down enough but I was "needing" my mocha fix.
pb mocha frappe made with almond milk - protein, carb and fat
fiber supplement

tangerine - carb
Greek yogurt - protein
pecans - 1 T - fat

afternoon snack/dinner (my meal timing was off today!)
Beef & Bean Chimichanga - protein & carb
large salad - free
cheese 1/2 oz - fat

calories 1354
carbs 134
fiber 16
My fat is still high at 72 but doubt I'll work on that unless my labs force me too, and they may very well do that.

Tam - The author did respond to one of my questions today!

Cajun - Congrats on the ipad air! I enjoy my ipad...for me it doesn't take the place of a laptop though. I use it more for playing games and reading, but do take when I travel and then use it for web. I agree with Tam that you can have Stevia and diet sodas on 1-1-1. Actually you can eat/drink ANYTHING as long as nutrition is balanced. ONE protein, ONE carb and ONE fat at every meal and snack. Only difference between meals and snacks is that for snacks the protein and grains (if any eaten) have to be 1/2 serving. The serving are listed in the book of many foods. I have forgotten the snack rule a couple times. But those and don't eat after dinner unless you save a part of your dinner to eat later if you really have to have something. So just three rules.

Junem - Welcome!

Cana - Hope you like your haircut. I haven't seen it yet but it sounds cute!
Glad you're official now!!

Lucinda - I'm right there with you...and thankful for His grace and forgiveness.
I got through most of the day without remembering it was St Pats and didn't wear green, but when I remembered I ran out and pinched my dh. LOL He hadn't thought of it either.

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