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Originally Posted by Cajunlady165 View Post
Hi ladies. I'm still trying to recuperate from the weekend. We smoked sausage and Tasso all day Saturday and all day Sunday with company and cooking supper both nights for our company. Basically they spent the weekend at our house. But we had a really good time. Saturday morning I went to best buy and bought a new iPad air. It was between a lap top or iPad. Our sons gave me gift cards to get whatever I wanted. At that time I was still undecided. I also bought the wireless printer/ copy machine /scanner.
Once again I'm packing for the weekend. We are renting a cabin in a state park a couple hours from home for our. 30th wedding anniversary. Dh's ring came back from the jewelry store. I'm getting very excited.
Our sons went to Alabama for 3 or 4 days to work. It very strange having them both gone at the same time.

Mary I bought the 1-1-1- book. I've been reading it trying to understand it. A few things are questionable like can I have sugar substitutes like stevia and am I allowed diet coke?
Tam maybe you could help me also understand this diet.

Gotta go do laundry. Be back later.
Yes you can have stevia and as far as I know you can have diet coke. I have not had a diet coke since superbowl sunday been drinking more water with lemon and when I want a carbonated drink I do club soda with lemon. Hubby has not had soda in years and I am trying to do the same, since no more diet coke my heartburn is gone and I do not seem to be retaining as much fluid. The best part is that I do no crave the soda, so I am going to try and not drink it anymore. I think I will re-read the book soon just to make sure I understand it better. If you go on facebook under the author's name she has a page and you can ask questions and she answers them.
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