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Busy day at work - is it really only Tuesday? Brought home plenty to do and now our work system is down. I started my dinner out with a crust of toasted baguette. Less than a serving, and it was something I definitely wanted. In a way, I'm happy I started with it - now I won't be eating everything instead of that.

Warming up a bit today - so excited to see the sunshine. They're calling snow but no accumulation later in the week. ENOUGH of this.

DH asked me about all my clothes that are in the closets that I don't wear. I'd given myself until September to get into them. Whatever I don't fit into, goes out. FLAT OUT - goes out. I love some of these clothes and want to wear them because I like them, not because it's a mission to "get back into them." ... What I did years ago when I lost weight the first time was write every single thing in a line on a tablet ...and then write the date that I fit into it. That popped in as a good idea for me this 'go round'. He has a good deal of shirts that he's said would fit better with him 20 pounds down, so hopefully we're on our way there.

ladym0208 - I am completely with you on the self-esteem issue. I allot the scale w-a-y too much power over my mind. Then I get all hoity about it and say I'm not weighing for a month or so ... then I give up after a few days of not-smart eating, and then see the result (even if it's just sodium bloat) and call myself an idiot. Argh. I think when the mental aspect is less abusive, I'll find more success.

OneByOne - Kudos to you for your long committed relationship! My brother and SIL have been together maybe 24 years now - not married and no one is in their business. It works. I enjoy your evocative posts.

Plan to check in later with credits to keep me on track!

So close ... now so far!

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