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Hi Everybody! Sigh s to all the Midwesterners. It has been a dreadful winter. More snow for Minnesota tonight.

Shr1nk: That is an AWESOME record. An indiscretion does not discount any work you have put into this. This process is tedious.

On a happier note, I am soooo excited. I just downloaded the "fresh express salad app" I am ridiculously hungry for salad now. That never happens in my world. Just this morning I was griping to myself about how much I hate the taste of lettuce/most greens plain. I don't really do tart or bitter taste well either. But, the recipes on this ap seem so doable and delish. Where have I been? The thing is like years old. LOL!

Weigh day at the vet.. dah dah.. 213.0lbs Exactly 2lbs since last vet visit. LOL! Hoping to be svelte like a Great Dane in the future. Have you ever seen a FAT Great Dane? There aren't many. Good bye Saint Bernard. LOL! I'm a dog groomer, my vision sees is dogs! LOL!

Today, I had a "lean cuisine" A 200 calorie one. It was so good. I have not had a real potato since January. I have been using cauliflower or jicama which I love. Keeping it lower Carb with program foods for the rest of the day.

Have the best possible evening you are able to!
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