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I think it's important to remember that in the book Intuitive Eating the authors considered the "let yourself eat whatever you want" to be a necessary but temporary phase. It serves to reinforce the idea that those former foods that you didn't allow yourself are now always available. I've been in that phase for the past 10 days- I've been eating candy, cookies, bagels, bread, cheese- whatever I want.

I've found that I've eaten a lot less than I actually thought I would- I haven't binged at all since I've been eating these foods and only overeaten a few times. I've also found myself losing interest in them. I know they are there if I want them. Foods have begun to lose their emotional power over me- I eat for the feeling foods give my body rather than the emotional feelings they give me. In this way fruit will beat chocolate every time- my body feels light and alive when I eat healthy.

The authors state again and again in the book that they are nutritionists- ultimately they don't want you to eat bacon, chocolate, and cookies as dietary staples. Remember that IE is a process that has multiple phases. In order to make peace with food completely you have to allow yourself to eat whatever you want. The goal, however, is for you to respect your body's needs by feeding it healthy food.

The addiction model can be a helpful one when you're trying to stay away from binge eating but I've found that it's not particularly helpful for me and my ED. Labeling things as "triggers" just imbues them with special powers. The more that I push them away the more that I am magnetically drawn back to them. Addiction treatment, imho, is still in the dark ages. Alcoholics and addicts have TERRIBLE recovery rates. The addiction model doesn't seem to work for addictions, why should I believe that it will work for eating disorders?
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