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Originally Posted by Marniadec View Post
Today has been a very long day. On top of everything else, I went out to lunch (which is the biggest meal of the day in Greece) and I ate all my calories at once, so I was starving the whole day...

So, here's my one meal:
Appetizer: Fried zucchini with walnut skordalia. That's thin slices of zucchini dipped in flour and then fried. Skordalia is a dip which is made of wet stale bread, walnuts, olive oil, vinegar and garlic. It probably sounds gross but it tastes like heaven.
Salad: Just plain lettuce with olive oil and lemon.
Main dish: Pork with peppers and a sauce made of feta cheese and mustard. I only ate half of it with some fries.
Dessert (in most restaurants in my town we get dessert for free): half a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and half of this thing I can't describe.
I should be at about 1600 calories but I can't be sure about the oil...
OK, set a place for me at the table, I'm coming over for dinner! lol


I made Dreamfields (low-carb) lasagna the other day for the family, but it was a DownDay so I had not planned to have any. However, after an emotionally draining week and an insanely busy weekend, my resistance was at an all-time low and I binged - and I do mean BINGED - on lasagna. Thank God it was Dreamfields. But still, I ate thousands of calories of the stuff. More carbs than I have had since October. Ugh.

Then the next day (yesterday) I was ravenous all day long (thank you carbs) so I overate yesterday too, though it was all low-carb stuff.

I haven't weighed in for two days because I have been waiting until I stop feeling bloated.

Today I am back on plan and I am not giving up! I plan to weigh in tomorrow and hopefully the damage will be small. I expect to see a one pound gain on the scale tomorrow morning and then I can progress downward from there.

I think one overeating episode since October isn't too bad, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Just dust myself off and move on. However, note to self: NO MORE LASAGNA. lol

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