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Good morning gals. It is cool again this morning and supposed to get into the 60's today so we shall see. I will be glad when it quits being so cold overnight hence no furnace, but no AC either. I would like at least one month of low utilities. Our utility company has raped the public this winter for sure. There are lots of people who don't have enough money to pay their bills. I had one that was over $400!!!!

I have started on the decreases on the sweater, which I am glad about. I want to get it finished then I can finish the wrap and have the knitting done for the cruise.

I am sending back another necklace. The orange one I ordered was way to short and the links were not just big, but huge. Supposedly they already refunded my money on the purple necklace, but I am sure having a problem finding a purple necklace. We are going to the mall this weekend so will look around at the mall. I am out of ideas. There is only one place I have found one that will work and I am on a wait list for it. I have no idea when they will come back in.

Jean: I watched this reality program on Bravo I think that is a bra specialty store in Atlanta. They sell bras in the m's and n's. They say they can fit anyone as they special make bras for very very large breasts. I had to feel sorry for this one gal that came in. She was an overweight woman, but not huge but she had humongous breasts. I have never seen breasts this big ever. They fit her for a bra that actually fit correctly and she was thrilled. I would imagine her back and shoulders hurt all the time. Did you get all your pineapples, etc delivered to everyone?

Maggie: Sounds like you did ok with the straw thing. I have a really great acrylic straw that I bought with a matching glass. I don't use straws except when I am at a restaurant or something, but I know a lot of people like using them all the time.

Hope everyone has a good day. Faye
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